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Nearly-automated somatic NGS reporting.

Strand Iris is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform for clinical reporting on somatic NGS tests. It's backed by a world-class scientific team that delivers clinical grade reports to diagnostics labs in the US, EU and India.

HIPAA/GDPR compliant

Extremely fast turnarounds



Strand Iris

Our dev. and science teams worked together to build reporting software to enable diagnostics labs. Powered by a constantly curated knowledgebase, Strand iris, the result, generates nearly automated reports to associate oncogenic variants with therapies and clinical trials.

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600+ genes.

Powered by a knowledge-base spanning:

  • 600+ genes

  • 30,000+ variants

  • 112+ FDA and EMA approved therapies

  • 80,000+ US and EU clinical trials


  • Novel variants curated daily

  • Therapy approvals updated on alert

  • Clinical trials updated quarterly

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Rules engine = near-automation.

Our rule-based engine automatically classifies >99% of variants in 50 gene panels, and >90% of variants in 500 gene panels.

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Backed by experts = fast TAT reporting

A 30-strong curation team performs manual curation and rigorous review of novel variants in each sample, resulting in manual curation burden of:

  • ≈5 mins for 50 gene panels

  • ≈30 mins for 500 gene panels

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  • 8 bioinformatics QC parameters, including for ex. tail distance bias, to exclude potential GoF/LoF variants

  • A growing pooled patient database to exclude panel artifacts

  • Minute distinctions, for ex. between NCCN-recommended and FDA-approved

  • Close attention to AMP tiering of approved therapies

  • Customizable reporting breadth, for ex. reports that span anywhere between 4 and 40 pages


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Choose Strand Iris if:

  • You need fast-TAT reporting on oncology NGS tests

  • You need a team to ensure that novel variants constantly add to a growing  knowledge-base

  • You need a team that knows NCCN guidelines and AMP tiers down pat

  • You need custom somatic reporting content

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Our somatic curation teams work with and for leading diagnostics and pharma companies. References available on request.

What Our Clients Say

“We were very impressed with the quality of work and timeliness; you’re definitely our go-to for bioinformatics consulting.“

Sr Director,

"“We were very happy with our engagements with Strand."


Large NGS Diagnostics Company

“Communication has been very easy, and the Strand software  team has been very independent, which has made working together smooth.”

Large NGS Diagnostics Company 

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